Welcome to [Using Brackets]. My name is Molly, and I [really] enjoy using brackets. In this blog, you will discover that I have no idea how to correctly use them. Other than that, my grammar is usually acceptable.

Aside from my slow, life-long process of learning how to use brackets, I have lots of other adventures! I work at a boarding school, so life is NEVER dull. And I enjoy visiting random places, such as museums and alpaca farms. This blog will [hopefully] be a place for me to share those adventures.

Here are some other details about me that you may [or may not] be interested in:

1. Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA/Brooklyn, MI

2. Why do you even have a blog?: What a great question, Molly! I mainly use this blog as a journal. I don’t really expect people to read it, because it’s full of my personal thoughts. But people seem to truly enjoy reading it, especially when I talk about Historical Hotties (bow chicka wow wow).

3. You don’t know how to use brackets. Are you educated?: Wow, harsh! I am [partially] educated. I graduated from college, does that count? I have a BA in Political Science from Grove City College, and I minored in Biblical & Religious Studies. I am doing my best to continue learning post-college, and tend to check out the fattest non-fiction books I can find at the library. However, they are usually mind-numbingly dull, and I give up on them and read Young Adult Fiction instead. I feel no shame.

4. Do you have a job?: Yes, I do have a job! Although I love it so much, it doesn’t always feel like a job. I work in the Residence Life Department at a boarding school. I live in a residence hall with 70 high school students, and try to be a cool adult. Sometimes it’s really hard.

5. What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?: I like lots of things, so I’ll use bullet points:

  • Reading–I will read basically anything I can get my hands on. I really enjoy Young Adult Fiction, as it is often a good reprieve from my daily life. It’s not usually too intellectual or deep, but it’s GOOD.
  • Writing–I want to write a novel someday. I’m just not sure what it will be about…
  • Talking–My siblings hated me when I was little because I wouldn’t shut up. I still don’t, but they don’t hate me anymore [I hope].
  • Studying the Bible–I am a Christian, and my life would be completely worthless without the love and forgiveness of the Lord. I try to spend time every day spending time with God, whether that is through reading the Bible or praying.
  • Making balloon animals–I, uh, used to be a clown. My clown name was Skittles. Don’t judge.
  • History–Oh man, I love history! The Civil War era is my favorite, and I’m slightly [okay, obsessively!] in love with Abraham Lincoln.
  • Hispanic Culture–I lived in Mexico City for a few months during college. And I fell in love with the city and the culture. I sometimes lie and tell people that I am half Mexican, because I want it to be true!
  • Pranking (in a loving manner)–You’d better watch out.
  • Relationships–I love people. I happen to KNOW that I have the best friends in the entire world. Without relationships, without community, I would be so much less than I am now.
  • Laughing–Sometimes, you can’t get me to stop.

This blog is a mix of everything. I hope you enjoy it, and I hope we can be friends.


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