How Footie Pajamas Made Me Cool

I’m usually pretty uncool. And I’m completely fine with it. The other night, as I was knitting, watching Pride and Prejudice, and wearing my snuggie, I was pretty much the epitome of uncool, but I was having a lot of fun, so WHATEVER.

I do, however, have one completely random item that makes me cool:

My onesie. 
photo (9)

I know, right? Who would have guessed that a completely geeky pair of footie pajamas (with rubber duckies on them) would make me the coolest adult on campus?! [Okay, maybe that’s an exaggeration]! There is one student in my building who is absolutely awesome. I wish my High School self could have been her, she’s that cool. One night, as I was pretending to be a Miss America Contestant, tap dancing and wearing my onesie, she came up to me. And these are the words she said:

“Molly, I hope I’m as cool as you someday.”

I felt like I was in one of the Famous Footwear commercials, where the teenager likes the shoes and confetti is falling…It felt THAT good.


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