Fridays: High Fives and Cute Guys

I don’t know why I called this post, “High Fives and Cute Guys.” You will see a noticeable lack of cute guys…so sorry. Other fun things happened this week…but no cute guys. Oh well.

picstitch (2)


1. Last weekend was one of those “I have the coolest job in the entire world” weekends. I got to chaperone a Party Band event. So basically, they played songs and I danced. It rocked, and I kind of felt like I was at a wedding.

2. Reason #2 that I have the coolest job ever: I got to chaperone an overnight trip to the Great Wolf Lodge. It involved decorating the conference room with dinosaur decorations, chaperoning a dance, playing in the arcade, sitting in the hallway of the hotel until 2 AM, and…oh yeah, sitting in a HOT TUB and playing in a waterpark.

3. I used my electric skillet for the first time, and made an absolutely BEAUTIFUL grilled cheese sandwich. It was snowing outside, so it was the perfect meal! And I [of course] used my Crazy Cat Lady mug, which made the meal twenty times better.

4. It’s been snowing for the last 10 days. Or something like that. This is a picture of the building that I live in, covered with snow. Isn’t it gorgeous?

photo (10)5. But really, isn’t it beautiful? I complain a lot about the cold and the snow, but think it looks absolutely lovely.


See? No cute guys.



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