Gimmee a High Five for Friday

This week has been GREAT. Just getting back into the swing of things at work, you know? Here are some special things that happened:

picstitch (1)


1. I mentioned this last week, but I was in charge of running the Sound of Music Sing-a-long on campus. Tons of kids came, and were super…uh…vocal? We ended up having “Tea,” a drink with “jam and bread,” as well as “crisp appleĀ strudel.” It was wild.

2. Speaking of wild, I also chaperoned a dance on Saturday night. The kids have so much fun, and I…chaperone. There is nothing weirder than being a chaperone at a dance. You can’t really dance, because then no one would take you seriously. You also can’t stand there staring at the kids without moving, because that’s just scary. So, I end up doing the cliche, chaperone-y head bob. It’s terrible.

3. I made my first meal in my crock-pot. I’ve never been so excited. It actually wasn’t that great, I added water to the condensed soup, which made it, you know, watery. But the next day, I made this INCREDIBLE Fiesta Soup, which made the weird chicken completely worth it.

4. This verse really inspired me this week. I’ve been praying a lot about my job, and this verse completely summed up what I was praying for.

5. Again, I only took 4 pictures. Lame-o.

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