High Five [Four] For Friday

This week, I was so busy, I forgot to take pictures! So I only have FOUR things to tell you about.


1. I found my footie pajamas in the back of my closet at [Mom and Dad’s/my] home. And they still fit! So I packed them up and took them back to my apartment in the residence hall. I’m planning on pulling them out tonight…my girls will think I’m crazy. But they already do.

2. While I was unpacking after Christmas break, I realized that I have a ridiculous amount of Christmas socks. And I wear them all year long, because I don’t really have all that many socks.

3. My family is doing a weight-loss competition. There are $80 on the line…it’s a big deal. I started off strong, with some delicious Greek yogurt and water. The next night I ate 3 donuts. Whoops. I also bought a pedometer, and am realizing that 10,000 steps is a HECK OF A LOT OF STEPS.

4. This is a representation of how awesome my job is. Tonight, I am in charge of putting on a Sound of Music Sing-a-Long for the kiddos. I know, isn’t that GREAT? I work at an art school, so they are all freaking out about it. We are having “Tea, a drink with jam and bread.” I am sure there will be lots of singing, and every time the Nazis come out, we will boo. That’s what the sign is for.


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