Verti-go away!

A few days ago, I was officially diagnosed with benign positional vertigo. In real words, it means that I get dizzy when I move my head a certain way. One morning, I got out of bed and walked into a wall. It isn’t pretty. I hope the picture below isn’t making you dizzy, too!


My doctor couldn’t find anything specifically wrong with me. It’s not an ear infection or anything, it’s simply VERTIGO. One explanation is that these weird ear-crystals (who knew that we had crystals in our ears?) break off and move around in your ear canals. The jiggling, moving crystals mess with your brain and your balance.**

He gave me some nasal spray because he felt like it. He also told me to do these strange vertigo exercises. I basically lay in bed and turn my head in different directions…they’re the best exercises I’ve ever done!

In conclusion, there is no conclusion. Hopefully I’m healed soon, because walking into walls isn’t fun.


**In case the words “weird ear-crystals” didn’t convince you, I’m not a doctor. I don’t really even know what I’m talking about, I made most of that up.

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