Being an Adult (A Poem)

Being an adult is tough. I know, because I am one.

That’s right. I am now the proud owner of a cheese grater. Which makes me, officially, an adult. Therefore, I am completely qualified to talk about life in the real world. And I have decided to write a short poem about it. (Shout out to Ely and Shelby, who gave Ali and I our cheese graters–thank you for making our wildest dreams come true!)

Being an Adult: A Poem

I graduated from college

Not too long ago.

I’ll miss Grove City,

But I won’t miss the snow.

Now I am an adult

Because I own a cheese grater

But I’m not even qualified

To be a waiter.

I need to tell you,

Life in the real world isn’t easy.

Actually, finding a job

Makes me kind of wheezy.

But besides all of that,

I might have to gloat…

I’ve been spending

All my time on a boat.


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