No-Sew T-Shirt Headband

I was recently given [half of] a t-shirt, and told to make a headband or some accessory out of it. My creative juices started flowing, and I came up with some fun ideas. With the help of Pinterest, and this tutorial from CraftSnob, I figured out a great way to make an easy, no-sew flowered headband. All you need is a t-shirt and some hot glue! And it is SO comfortable, but still cute!

First, I made the flower. I ripped out a 1-inch wide piece of t-shirt, which originally went from sleeve to sleeve of the shirt (so it was about 12 inches long). I like to rip it instead of cutting, because it makes a nice, soft edge, which curls into itself nicely.

Then, take the strip and pull it tightly. It should stretch a little bit, and should curl in on itself. You now have a piece of t-shirt yarn, which can be used in a lot of other crafts. Fold your piece of yarn in half, as is shown below.

Next, start twisting the piece of yarn. You can either twist it very tightly, or leave it slightly loose. The tightness of the twist will affect the way the flower ends up looking, and will affect the size of the flower.

Next, starting with the folded end of the yarn, begin rolling it into a circular shape. This will create your flower. I would recommend periodically hot gluing the edges together, in order to make the flower stay tight.

After you finish completely rolling the yarn into a circular shape, hot glue the 2 ends to the bottom of the flower. And that’s all–you made a flower!

Next, you’ll need to make the actual headband. Simply rip out a wider piece of the t-shirt, and make sure it’s long enough to fit around your head. Be sure to add a few inches so that you can tie the ends together.

After you have ripped it out, hot glue the flower to the headband. And your headband is done! Tie the ends together and wear it proudly!

I had so much fun with this, I decided to see what else I could do with the t-shirt. I ripped out three more pieces of ‘yarn’ and braided them together. I then cut out a part of the sleeve and tied it in the middle to make a bow. And now I have ANOTHER headband. It’s so much fun!

I hope I explained everything clearly enough. Let me know if you have any questions.

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