The Culturalization of Molly

It’s been crazy, guys. In the time since I last blogged, I have simply gotten ridiculously cultured. I’ve grown in a lot of ways, and would like to share some of that growth with you.

1. I went to the opera. 

That’s right. If that didn’t make me more cultured, nothing will. I had the pleasure of seeing Tosca in Pittsburgh. It is an Opera, which was written by Puccini in 1900. My great friend Sims and I went together, and were blown away by the awesome-sauce-ness of the show.

Unfortunately, it was really depressing. Everyone died. But the music was great, the cast was talented, and Sims and I got to dress up. And it had subtitles, which helped a lot.

2. I saw Casting Crowns in concert.

Casting Crowns is basically my favorite band ever. The song “Your Love is Extravagant” kind of changed my life, so I was really excited to see them in concert. Santa got me the concert tickets for Christmas, and my wonderful friend Leah went with me. AND IT WAS SO GREAT.

And we had AWESOME seats. (Thanks, Santa!)

Also, I drove in Pittsburgh for the first time. I probably would have died if Leah hadn’t been there. I was nervous that my GPS was wrong, so we also used the GPS on my phone. Double GPS. It was very helpful.

I also drove through the tunnels, and discovered (thankfully) that my mom’s fear of tunnels is NOT genetic.

3. I sat on my sister’s couch like a bum.

It is now my Easter break. My sister and brother-in-law were kind enough to let me visit them over Easter, so I’ve been relaxing on their couch for the last few days.

I don’t really know how that makes me more cultured, though. I’ve watched a lot of TV. Does that count?

4. I am still unemployed

I feel like a lot of cultured people don’t have jobs. So my unemployment probably contributes to my culturalization.


***By the way, I’m pretty sure that ‘culturalization’ is not a word. I made it up. Which probably detracts from my culturalization.

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