One More Scary Thing

In my previous blog post, I discussed my top ten biggest fears. I realized, last weekend as I was antique shopping with my mom, that I skipped one.




Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. I just shivered. 

Let me take you back: The year was 1998 (maybe). I was in Key West with my family. Someone decided it would be a good idea to take poor, 7 year old Molly on a GHOST TOUR in the middle of the night. A creepy lady with a lantern led the group to all of the haunted spots in Key West, and then proceeded to tell a story about an old doll that came to life and killed several people. Kind of like Chucky.

I made the picture as big as possible so that you could truly enjoy how disturbing it is. Anyway, little 7 year old Molly couldn’t sleep for a week, because she was so traumatized. And when she returned home from her ‘fun’ vacation in Key West, she made her parents take the creepy Native-American doll off of her shelf. 

The end.

That is where my fear of antique dolls began. I have had several interactions with antique dolls since then, and none of them have been pleasant.

Look at the photos below. If you don’t get  shivers up your spine, you are a stronger person than I am.

If that didn’t creep you out, feel free to click here. But please know that this picture is disturbing, scary, and according to my roommate, “obscene.” It’s especially scary considering my fear of placentas. Let this be a disclaimer…click at your own risk. 

Did I just scar you for life?

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