Molly & Rachel’s Book Club

My friend Rachel and I started a book club. It was because I made her read Jellicoe Road (by Melina Marchetta–READ IT), and she loved it. We started discussing it, and realized that we should probably start a book club.

Grove City College is well known for its vigorous academics, and sometimes, us students need a break from all of the vigor. That’s why I read Young Adult Fiction. It is often thought-provoking, not too challenging, there’s generally some romance, and it’s always entertaining.

Rachel and I began our book club by reading Jellicoe Road. Which, as I said before, you NEED to read. We then checked out books from the SASS Series (aka “Students Across the Seven Seas”). All of the books in the series are about High School students who travel abroad and meet attractive guys.

We invited our friend Ali to join our book club with a unanimous vote. We hazed her by forcing her to read a SASS novel. But she survived. Rachel Perry has become a Young Adult maniac, reading about 2 books a day. Molly had already read most of the books in the school library, so she was forced to get a library card at the community library.

If you’re interested in joining, please let me know. But just know that we read books like this:

We’re living the life.

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