Top Ten Tuesday: Why Cruisin’ is Amusin’

[I just learned that not a lot of things rhyme with cruising, unless you want to use gross words such as oozing or boozing. And that wasn’t quite what I was going for]

I just went on a cruise with 3 of my friends–Holly, Kristi, and Leah. It was a 4-day cruise on the Carnival Imagination, and it was INCREDIBLE. Here are the top ten things that happened on the cruise:

10. Getting Henna Tattoos

All four of us decided to get Henna Tattoos in Key West. Well, I had a previous bad experience with henna when I was in middle school, where I got an atrociously itchy rash in the shape of my tattoo. Unfortunately, Taliah, our Israeli henna-tattoo-artist convinced me that her henna was organic and would not hurt me.  So I got the tattoo. It’s a shame that my eyelids have been swollen and itchy for the past few days.

But at least we all got henna tattoos. We also got friendship bracelets, which hopefully do not contain henna.

9. Not Having a Window in our Room

I know, this is a goofy reason for loving a cruise. Our room was located on the inside of the boat, so we were window-less. There was, however, a fake window. It was basically a piece of wood covered with a curtain.

Every day, we drew a picture of what we had done that day, and taped it to the ‘window’. And we all thought it was hysterical. The last day, we decided to leave all of our pictures there. Hopefully someone [other than us] appreciates them.

This was the picture from our Fun Day at Sea. [Also, notice my lovely tatt]

8. The Singles Meet and Greet

If you talked to Leah, Holly, or Kristi, they might deny that we went to the Singles Meet-and-Greet. But we were there.

I was interested in discovering what kind of people actually attended the Singles Meet-and-Greet. So we decided to park ourselves in the corner and watch people. While we did this, we played MASH, which is game usually played by middle school girls.

No one showed up to the Singles Meet-and-Greet. If they did, they were sneaky about it. Just. Like. Us.

7. Reading Jellicoe Road

I know, this sounds bad. I went on a cruise, and one of my favorite things was reading a book. But it was SO GOOD. The book is Jellicoe Road by Melina Marchetta. Basically, if you like Young Adult Fiction, you MUST read this book.

There’s mystery, murder, love, teenage angst, war, and much more. Basically, it’s just the best book I’ve ever read. No big deal.

6. Fun Times

The theme of the cruise was Fun Times. Every night, they would put a publication in our room called Fun Times. And there was a big performance the first night that was all about fun.

So, we had a lot of fun.

One night, we tried to go to a big comedy show. Unfortunately, it was a popular event, and there weren’t enough seats for us. So they set up this sign:

This became the new theme of the cruise. Doesn’t it sound like all of the fun on the ship was maxed out? Kind of like they were saying, “Sorry, guys, but the fun on this boat has reached the maximum level…there’s no more fun to be had.”

Yeah, it’s funny.

5. Dinner

We ate dinner every night in the fancy dining room. The food was great, but the WAITERS were even greater. We were huge fans of our Head Waiter, Julius, and our other waiter, Ramon. Julius is from the Philippines, and has a wife and 4 kids back home. He has been working on a cruise ship for TWELVE years.

We wanted to do something to thank our waiters. We were aware that the GREAT thing to do would be to leave an extra tip. Unfortunately, we are all poor college students. So we did the second-best thing–we made them thank-you cards. We left them sitting up on the table, and when we looked behind us to see if they got them, there were five waiters just staring at them, like they didn’t know what to do. But we really appreciated all of their hard work and enthusiasm for their jobs.

And I appreciated the fact that they served INCREDIBLE melted chocolate cake. I also tried alligator and escargot, which was an adventure.

4. Key West and Cozumel

The cool thing about a cruise is that it’s a giant floating hotel. BUT, when you leave the hotel, you’re in a new place! EVERY TIME. It’s kind of an incredible concept.

Key West may be the most amazing place in the entire United States. We were able to see many fun things, such as Ernest Hemingway’s house, the southernmost point of the USA, and the beautiful architecture. We also went shopping [and got henna tattoos]. There are also a lot of chickens in Key West, and we had fun stalking them.

Oh, and we ate Key Lime Pie. Oh yeah.

Cozumel was fun, too. We went snorkeling. In the ocean.

And we saw FISH. We also went shopping in downtown Cozumel, and went out to eat [tacos] at this amazing restaurant. We were the only people there, and the waiters were amazed that 4 American girls were in their restaurant. So, each time they would deliver something to the table, a different waiter would come. It was funny. I also got to use a lot of Spanish, which made all of those Spanish classes worthwhile. For the most part.

3. Shipboard Entertainment

We went to see ALL of the shows that were offered on the ship. There were a lot of overly smiley dancers and overly smiley singers. It was my kind of entertainment. By the end of the cruise, we felt like we knew all of the performers. There was Swoopy-Haired Guy, Creepy Donny, and Aretha.  There’s so much love in my heart for these people.

We also attended most of the ‘trivia’ games that they offered. One of them was ‘Motown Trivia,’ which was GREAT.

But the greatest event we attended was TOWEL FOLDING. We learned how to fold towels into animals. How cool is that????

We learned how to make dogs and elephants, with a lot of help from the housekeeping staff.

2. Meeting New People

We made lots of new friends while we were on our cruise. Towards the end of the cruise, I felt like all of the people on the boat were my family. It was really beautiful. We met Juan, Mani, Alex, and Hungover Girl. We met Prince and Princess. We met Danny. We met Carl. We met Julius and Ramon. We met Smitty. We met Izzy and DiDi. We met Taliah.

Yeah, most of the people we met have interesting names. It’s a common theme onboard cruise ships, I guess. But they were all very nice.

1. Relaxing with my friends

It’s no secret–last semester was really hard. So being on a cruise ship with great friends was heavenly. Oh, and I actually saw the sun! Be jealous.

It was an incredible cruise, and I [obviously] had the time of my life.

2 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Why Cruisin’ is Amusin’

  1. I love hearing about your trip! I am glad that you where able to get some much needed relaxing in without burning to a crisp. However, I am sorry to hear about your run in with the henna tattoo =/

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