Top Ten Reasons Why I’ve Failed at Blogging

You may have noticed that I have not blogged in quite some time. There are numerous why this has happened, but I will only give you ten:

1. Last semester was the toughest semester of my life, and I have been sleeping for the past few weeks…like a hibernating bear.

2. I learned how to use a curling iron, and that’s pretty much taken over my life.

3. It was Christmas! I had a wonderful time hanging out with my family and eating cookies.

4. I’ve been busy going on adventures, which I WILL blog about, don’t you worry.

5. I figured out that I can electronically check books out from the library and have them delivered to my Kindle. So I’ve probably been reading a book a day. That, curling my hair, and sleeping have taken up a significant portion of my life.

6. My whole family started this diet competition, and counting calories takes a lot of time.

7. I’m going on a cruise in two days, and I’ve been planning for that.

8. My cat and I have been bonding. She is 18 years old, so I’ve had her since I was three. And I raised her to be the wonderful cat that she is (although other members of my family may dispute that). So I have been spending as much time as possible with her.

9. I’ve been busy yelling at our dogs. They’re annoying. [but so cute]

10. The truth is, I’ve been slacking at everything. I apologize.


Well, those are my 10 reasons. The next time I update, I will be back from my cruise, and beautifully tanned (or horrifically sunburned).

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