Bowling Fear: Conquered

I went bowling tonight, and it was the GREATEST night of my life. Ever since my Sophomore year of High School, I have been holding onto a great deal of shame. You might be wondering why.

Well…I bowled a 16.

In case you don’t know a lot about bowling, that’s really bad. I only knocked down 16 pins [and I’m pretty sure my dad knocked down at least 7 of those]. The whole time. So for the past 5 years, I have woken up every morning knowing that I am an atrocious bowler. And that hurts. You can’t imagine the suffering I went through. I lived in constant fear that some attractive trillionaire would ask me out to go bowling, and I would have to turn him down. Oh the horror!

But tonight, my fear was conquered. I went to the Bowl-O-Drome with some really cool people, who supported me in my time of need. And guess what I bowled? A 77. Yes, that’s right. I’m basically a pro-bowler, these days. I even had TWO strikes. I still need to work on my form, because I look like this kid:

But, really…bowling is a lot of fun, and I had NO IDEA. So thank you very much to Ali, Erin, and Jamie, for allowing me to conquer my fear tonight, for the support, and for the amazing bowling soundtrack.

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