Why I Love Twilight

I love Twilight…sue me. I just saw Breaking Dawn, and I definitely cried. It was great. But there is so much hatred toward the series. The other day, I was in class, and we spent at least 20 minutes trash-talking the movies. Do you even know how much money I spent on those 20 minutes? I am paying to learn about Classical Political Thought, not about vampire-hate. Let’s talk about Plato, okay?

A lot of people make fun of me for liking it. I was *trying* to explain the plot to my roommate, and she was incredulous. Vampires? Werewolves? Creepy babies? Honeymooning on a private island? Cuh-ray-zee. 

But I love it. Here is why:

  • It completely sucks you in. While I am watching a Twilight movie, I am not thinking about how bad the acting is, how pasty the makeup is, or how ridiculous the plot-line is. I am thinking about love conquering all, about good vs. evil, about Taylor Lautner’s abs. Oh wait, that’s another bullet point. But my point is, none of that matters when you’re watching the movies.
  • It makes teenagers read actual books. You know how marijuana is considered a gateway drug? It leads its users into doing harder drugs. And the Twilight movies make the people watching want to read the books. And once they read the books, they want to read more books…”harder” books. [Is it bad to compare Twilight to marijuana?]
  • Twilight has a fast-moving plot. I can’t sit still when I’m bored, and you are not bored when you are watching Twilight. There’s always some huge battle brewing, or some dark and dangerous enemy building a vampire army.
  • Okay, let’s talk about the wolf pack. Bow-chicka-wow-wow. Check out the abs on THOSE guys. I have nothing against admiring God’s creation, and there is a TON of admiring to do during New Moon.
  • I think the wolf pack deserves another bullet point. Let’s admire.
  • It shows how messy love can be. He loves her, she loves him, somebody else loves her. It’s a bad situation, for everyone. Granted, there will be a happy[ish] ending, but it doesn’t work out the way that they all wanted.
  • Breaking Dawn has a surprisingly pro-life and pro-marriage message. I like that a lot. Movies, especially these movies, speak to our culture. And Breaking Dawn has some good things to say. [Of course, it also has some horrendous things to say–let’s ignore that for now]
  • The soundtracks are generally pretty good.

So, all of you Twilight haters, what do you say to THAT?

I have plenty to say. Be sure to read my next post, ‘Why I Hate Twilight’.

3 thoughts on “Why I Love Twilight

  1. Ì know this is old, but I have one thing to say:

    A fast-moving plot? Are you high? The plot is as slow as a crippled snail on cocaine. With all of your points, you’ve proven there is no true appeal.

    All of your points consist of “I like it.”
    Saying it sucks you in or is like a drug has nothing to do with it; those points only matter if you love it, at which point it’s already too late for you.

    And at least people are reading? So the fuck what? It’s like saying “I might be morbidly obese, but at least I exercise my thumbs on video game controls.”

    • Well, I am not high, so at least I know that. And I’ve never seen a crippled snail on cocaine, so I’m not sure what that means. But I think that Twilight is entertaining. I love it and I hate it. And I’m sticking to that.

      Thank you for your entertaining comment! I love the metaphor usage!

  2. I know this post is really old but I had to comment.
    And this is a VERY LONG comment.
    I also read your post on why you hate Twilight.
    And I also finished reading the entire Twilight series (I just finished it because I never leave a book or series unfinished. It took me a while, a year and a half to be exact). I also watched all the movies that have been released so far. So, I know what I’m talking about.
    1) I agree. It sucks you in. The first time I watched it, I was sucked in too. But it is just the movies that are bearable. Reading the book was a horrendous experience for me. There was no real plot. Getting all that inside information into the self obsessed Bella’s head was a nightmare. I couldn’t just tolerate her nonsense. And the pace was just too slow. I could actually fit the entire Twilight series into one book and it would be much better than the original.
    And love? Come on! You have to accept that there is NO LOVE in Twilight. It is just infatuation and hormones.
    Good vs. Evil? Harry Potter is that kind of material. But Twilight? 1st book is just Bella and Edward. 2 nd book is Bella and Jacob. 3 rd book is Bella, Edward and Jacob and 4 th book is Bella Edward Jacob and Renesmee. There is no Good vs. Evil.
    2) Once again, you’ve got a point. I’ve got this cousin of mine who is a huge fan of Twilight (Actually, I recommended the 1st movie to her. The rest of the love for Twilight was due to the popular hype). I’ve been trying to get her to read books since she was in 6th grade. But, she could never finish a book. Miraculously, she finished Breaking Dawn (in pdf. She skipped all the other books). Though I am happy that she could finish a book, I am sad that for her, quality of books are set in Twilight standards (which are very low). She only wants to read books like Twilight. She won’t even attempt to read a Sherlock Holmes story now. (Its not bad to compare Twilight to Marijuana. After all, Twilight is the personal brand of Heroin for all those Twihards).
    3)Fast moving plot? I don’t think so. It’s got no plot at all. I covered it in 1st point. Now, if you are talking only about the movies then I’d say Twilight is bearable. Not interesting. Bearable. Yeah, there is always a huge battle looming but that god damned battle never happens. That is what irks me. Ever studied really hard for a test, pulling night outs, doing loads of research and all that stuff? After all your hard work, on the test day you discover that the test has been cancelled. How do you feel?
    4) All right, the wolf pack is hot. Taylor Launter is hot. Jacob is the only likable character (until breaking dawn). But, is that a reason to like Twilight? See this is the problem. Teenagers all around the world, including my cousin, have come to the conclusion that superficial things like beauty, abs matter the most in life.
    5) Again, its not love. It is teenage angst. Besides, it is a happy ending. Jacob got Renesmee and Edward got Bella. Happily ever after. You could argue that Jacob wanted Bella. But, in the book Jacob tells us that the attraction he felt towards Bella was because of Renesmee, from the start… due to the egg in Bella (how dumb is that?).
    6) Honestly, I don’t support pre-marital sex so I could give Twilight some credit for that. But, marrying when you are 18? Getting married to a guy who is older than your grand father? Giving birth to a child in your teens? I don’t think so.
    Messages about life? The female lead in the story wants to die when her true love isn’t around. Edward tries to kill himself in New Moon. Jacob threatens Bella that he wants to kill himself in Eclipse (after he found out about the engagement). Those are not good messages to be given to teens.
    7) I fully agree with you on this one. The soundtrack is pretty awesome in the first three movies.

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