Why I Hate Twilight

You may have just read my last post, about why I love Twilight. This one is pretty much the opposite. I am, obviously, suffering from a major internal struggle. Which will win?

Here is why I hate Twilight:

  • It is teaching our teenagers that creepy, possessive relationships are okay. Not only are they okay, they are ideal. If he climbs into your window to watch you sleep, you have a GREAT, healthy relationship.

  • The plot is absolutely ridiculous. Sure, it’s entertaining, but it is BAD.
  • Bella gives up everything for Edward. She doesn’t do ANYTHING except hang out with him, drool over him, climb up trees with him, watch him sparkle. She even abandons the few friends she has for him. Gross. And she simply cannot function without him. If Edward wasn’t in her life, the series would end with Bella’s funeral. [Oh wait. It kind of does.]
  • The Twilight movies are essentially just like every other chick flick. They give you unrealistic expectations of what a true, healthy relationship looks like.
  • KRISTEN STEWART. She is just great!
  • The makeup is atrocious. Sorry. But the vampires are just so PASTY. Granted, this did get better in Breaking Dawn, but still. And the sparkling? Ha!

So what is the consensus? Does Twilight sparkle, or not? I just CAN’T decide. What do YOU think?

One thought on “Why I Hate Twilight

  1. Other points to include:
    The acting is horrendous.
    Stephanie Meyer doesn’t know a damn about how to write.
    The whole thing is just pretty emo.
    The graphics in the movie aren’t upto the mark.
    In the first movie every scene looks like its been painted blue and Edward’s only expression is that of passing bowels.

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