Sleep on a Marshmallow

Wouldn’t you???

I really like sleep. And I especially like sleeping on fluffy things, like…pillows. So I feel like a marshmallow would be just great.

Other good things to sleep on:

  • The floor: About every 62 days, this strange feeling comes over me. I can’t fall asleep. My body is twitchy. And I know that there is only one thing that will allow me to sleep–moving my pillows and blankets to the floor. My roommate wakes up every once in a while and gets a little creeped out because I’m passed out in the middle of the floor. But it’s normal.
  • Peas: Apparently, if you sleep on a pea, you get to marry a prince. And once you lay on a pea, it gets smooshed, so it’s like you’re just sleeping on a normal mattress.
  • Hammocks: there’s nothing like swaying on a hammock, in the middle of the summer, under the shade of a weeping willow. That sounded so poetic.
  • Diamonds and other jewels: Not that I’ve tried it, but I bet it’s FANTASTIC.
What about you? If you could sleep anywhere, where would it be?




2 thoughts on “Sleep on a Marshmallow

  1. In my cozy bed, looking out over the lake as the swan’s glide by and all of my family tucked into their beds at our house too!! THAT’s when I sleep the best!!!

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