Top Ten Tuesday: Favorite Sexy Dead Men

I am going to attempt to be a better blogger. We’ll see how it goes. In order to do so, I am going to begin having ‘Top Ten Tuesday’–because who doesn’t love a good list?

This week’s Top Ten list is about men who lived a long time ago who were SMOKIN’ HOT. Scroll down and you’ll see what I mean.

10. Abraham Lincoln

I know, you’re shocked that he’s #10. And although he’s #1 in my heart, he’s never been the most attractive man. You may know him as the 16th President of the United States. I just know him as the love of my life.

9. Ernest Hemingway 

What’s not to love? He was moody, had a lot of cats, and lived in Key West. That’s about the extent of my knowledge, because I could never get through one of his books. But that’s okay, right?

8. Rutherford B. Hayes

19th President, finished up the Reconstruction, and was FINE.

7. Lewis Payne

I feel a little bit guilty about this one. Payne was one of the conspirators in the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. This picture was taken the day of his execution.

6. Benjamin Piatt Runkle

Not only was he the original  Frat Boy, Benjamin was a colonel for the Union in the Civil War. He is one of the original seven founders of the Sigma Chi fraternity.

5. Robert Todd Lincoln

Not only is he the son of Abraham Lincoln, he is one of the only Lincoln’s to not die a horrible death. I bet that would look good on a resume.

4. Alexander Hamilton

The only reason that I hate to spend $10 bills. One of the Founding Fathers, and the original  bad boy–was killed in a duel with Aaron Burr.

3. Almanzo Wilder

The husband of Laura Ingalls (as in Little House on the Prairie). When I read her books, I always pictured him as being handsome–and he really is.

2. James Dean

He doesn’t even need an explanation.

1. Philip Hamilton

Oh, Philip.  He is my #1 Man, I’d marry him if he hadn’t died in a bloody duel at the age of 19. The son of Alexander Hamilton, I guess dying in duels is genetic.

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