Thoughts on Shrimp

I used to hate shrimp. Just the sight of them would make me scream. Literally. My [cruel] siblings used to chase me around the house with them.

Today, I like shrimp a lot, as long as I don’t have to peel them. The worst part is ripping their little legs off–I hate that. And the POOP VEIN, it’s so gross, I don’t even want to think about it. But you know, it’s that brown vein that runs through the middle of shrimp [gag].

But enough negative talk. Let’s talk about the shrimpiest of all shrimp–COCONUT SHRIMP. I actually just had some for dinner, which is why I’m thinking about it. It’s delicious, especially dipped in orange marmalade. Yummy in my tummy.

As you can tell, my thoughts are quite conflicted when it comes to shrimp. They’re gross but they’re delicious. And when my feelings are conflicted, there is only one possible thing to do: write a poem.

Shrimpy Shrimp: A Poem

 When I was a little girl

I had a rag doll

Who really hated shrimp.

That rag doll was smart.

Yes, I just plagiarized

Miss Tina Turner

Who loves her man

Like she loved her rag doll.

Unlike Tina Turner,

I like shrimp

But my rag doll hated shrimp.

And this poem makes no sense.

Shrimp is good,

If it has no veins

Or heads

Or legs.

Shrimp is better,

If it is covered

In flaky coconut

And dipped in orange marmalade.

The end.

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