My First Auction Experience

My mom and I went to an auction last Saturday, and it





The items being auctioned off belonged to an older man–he was in his late 80s, and was an avid Civil War collector. Oh yes. He was selling a sword used in the Civil War, some antique watches, a stamp collection, and other random auction-y things. But what had me excited was his incredible, amazing, mind-blowing, awesome, huge, remarkable

book collection.

Holy cow. Everyone was salivating over his antique tools and chain saws (are there antique chain saws??), but I had to wipe my drool off of his books. Antique books. Books about Abraham Lincoln. So. Many. BOOKS.

I, of course, bought some. It was the most intense experience of my life, bidding on books [that no one else really wanted]. And they’re incredible. They’re beautiful. Sometimes I just sit and hold them.

My dad and I are going to another auction tomorrow.

Wish me luck.

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