Name Meanings…[Sigh]

Did you know that the meaning of names used to be really important? In today’s world, names are pretty insignificant (as I will hopefully prove later). But back in Biblical times, your name said a lot about you. For example, King Saul’s name means “asked for”.  David means “beloved”. Moses means “drawn out” [of the Nile], and Jesus means “the Lord saves.”

Want to know what Molly Christine DePew means?

Bitter follower of Christ who lives near a hill. 

Yup. But truthfully, I am bitter [about the meaning of my name]. And I am a follower of Christ. And I learned on my last bike ride that I definitely live near a hill. So I guess it turned out to be creepily correct.

Thanks, Mom. Thanks, Dad.


Your Bitter Daughter

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