How People Find My Blog

WordPress tells me some cool things. It tells me how many people look at my blog each day (but not WHO looks at my blog–keep creepin’). It also tells me what people type into a search engine in order to get to my blog. You’d be really surprised. I’m not sure I even blogged about some of this stuff.

Here are my favorites:

9.  “Revolutionary War tents”

8. “JCPenney Rejection” (glad I’m not the only one)

7. “face covered in white heads for months” (um…ew?)

6.  “pictures of people that live in the revolutionary war”

5.  “ginger babies”

4. “My alternate personalities”

3. “my honor won’t keep me warm tonight”

2. “i have homesick”

1. “dogs at buckingham palace”


I’m speechless.

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