Why Bugs Exist: A Poem

Bugs are nasty

And leggy and gross.

Sometimes they’re in my bed

And I say “adios!”

But why on earth

Do bugs exist?

What was God thinking?

He must have been pissed.

Bugs are needed

for the food chain.

And bees are needed

to pollinate grain.

Bugs like to eat

What humans don’t like.

Like poop, and roadkill

And month-old pike.

But I think

The bad outweighs the good.

I will prove my case

Listen if you would.

Bees sting.

Mosquitos cause malaria.

Beetles are gross.

And spiders cause hysteria.

Ants can bite,

And stinkbugs really stink

Flies are big

And always drown in my drink.

And that is why,

My dearest friend.

We’d be better off

If all bugs were DEAD.


A Bug Hater

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