Summer Goals


I have compiled a list of things that I wish to accomplish this summer. Some of them are realistic, others are not. And the list is, of course, negotiable. I feel that this is very, very necessary, as I have no job and no friends [here in Michigan]. I don’t want this summer to be useless. So here are some of my goals:

Make a summer reading list and read all of the books on the list. [I am currently researching books, and will post my list soon!]

[Learn the proper use of brackets]

Bake a pie  from scratch. Even…the crust, which my mother claims is IMPOSSIBLE.

Make a friend.

Go to a movie by myself.

Get really, really mad.

Ride my bike.

[Finally] start my novel.

Love people well.

Watch all of the Harry Potter movies.

Eat something really gross (maybe my homemade pie???)

Learn how to play the harmonica. Well.

Spend time truly seeking God.

Start a new tradition.

I want to either stop talking to my dogs so much, or at least have them talk back.

Go somewhere I don’t fit in.

Have a handless pudding eating contest.


That’s all of my goals for now, but I’ll keep you updated. And please, feel free to hold me accountable.

How about YOU? What are your summer goals?







2 thoughts on “Summer Goals

  1. pie crusts from scratch are NOT impossible!! Had I known this was a goal of yours, we could have made a pie crust while I was visiting–I have to say, my pie crusts are pretty yummy, and not that difficult!

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