JCPenney Rejection

I have no value. I’ll never, ever, get a job. This college education is worthless. Yes, I was rejected by JCPenney’s  computer software.

Now, I think that rejection is a good thing. I need to be rejected. And I truly have learned from this experience. Really Molly, when an application to JCPenney asks you what your favorite department store is, don’t be honest. Lie. No, JCPenney could never, ever, in a million years compare to Target, but they don’t want to know that you believe that.

So, I answered a couple of questions. Honestly. Silly silly Molly. I now know better. Immediately after answering their FIFTY questions, they tell me that I am completely unhirable based on my answers. Yes, a girl who just went to Merriam Webster’s online dictionary to check if ‘unhirable’ is actually a word, got turned down by computer software.


Of course, I must have answered some of the other questions wrong, as well. I do remember saying that I was ‘Almost always’ organized instead of ‘always’ organized. If you opened my desk drawers, you’d see what I mean.

But at least I have my pride and honor–JCPenney, I have never lied to you.

Too bad my honor won’t keep me warm at night.

At least I don’t dislike JCPenney this much.

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