The Oil Cleansing Method Review (Part I)

I am absolutely fascinated by any kind of home remedy. My philosophy is, generally, if I can eat it, it can’t hurt to put it on my skin. So I’ve tried lots of random homemade beauty masks, lotions, etc. I have even  scrambled eggs in my hair in order to add protein to my hair (tip: if you put eggs in your hair, rinse with COLD water).

Recently, someone told me about the OIL CLEANSING METHOD. The general philosophy behind it is that oil dissolves oil. Apparently it’s a basic fact that everyone except me knows. There is tons of information on how exactly to mix the oils depending on your skin type, I’d recommend I will only be telling you what I did, and what my experience has been like.

My skin is pretty normal. I get dry patches in the winter, especially on my forehead, and I break out every once in awhile. My pores are fairly large, and I have some blackheads on my nose. Gross. The Oil Cleansing Method claims to clear out your pores and reduce their size, as well as moisturize dry patches. We’ll see.

I mixed 20% Castor Oil with 80% Extra Virgin Olive Oil in a small flip-top bottle. Every night, I massage the oil into my face for about 5 minutes, then wet a washcloth with steamy water. I put the washcloth on my face, re-wet it, put it back on my face, and so on, until the oil is almost gone. I then gently wipe the excess oil off of my face. I then take a little bit of the oil and put it in the driest places on my face. I only do this at night, and have stopped washing my face in the morning.

The Oil Cleansing Method, so far, has been okay. My face has not broken out, which is good. But I also have not noticed any huge changes. Some of the claims made by OCM fans were crazy–someone even said they could see the gunk coming out of their pores. I have not experienced that. Basically, my skin has stayed the same. Other OCM fans say that it takes about a week to notice the effects. So, I’ll report back in a week.


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