Beauty is in the eye of…Who?

So, I’m supposed to be writing a paper right now. I mean, it’s due on Friday, so I still have some time. But it seems like I will do ANYTHING to avoid starting it. It’s not that I don’t want to write it, it’s that I don’t know how.

The purpose of the essay is to write a persuasive essay about beauty. He wants us to examine the proverb “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” But honestly, I don’t know. I believe that God created the world, and that He made it beautiful. I believe that sin came in and messed that up, but it is still beautiful. I think that God IS beautiful, and he gives us a longing for HIS beauty, but we look for that in the wrong places.

But that’s not what my professor wants. He wants a confusing, philosophical paper on whether beauty is subjective or objective. And according to my most recent personality test, being philosophical is something that I cannot do.

At least my despair and procrastination led me to blog. I haven’t done that in awhile…

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