Fridays: High Fives and Cute Guys

I don’t know why I called this post, “High Fives and Cute Guys.” You will see a noticeable lack of cute guys…so sorry. Other fun things happened this week…but no cute guys. Oh well.

picstitch (2)


1. Last weekend was one of those “I have the coolest job in the entire world” weekends. I got to chaperone a Party Band event. So basically, they played songs and I danced. It rocked, and I kind of felt like I was at a wedding.

2. Reason #2 that I have the coolest job ever: I got to chaperone an overnight trip to the Great Wolf Lodge. It involved decorating the conference room with dinosaur decorations, chaperoning a dance, playing in the arcade, sitting in the hallway of the hotel until 2 AM, and…oh yeah, sitting in a HOT TUB and playing in a waterpark.

3. I used my electric skillet for the first time, and made an absolutely BEAUTIFUL grilled cheese sandwich. It was snowing outside, so it was the perfect meal! And I [of course] used my Crazy Cat Lady mug, which made the meal twenty times better.

4. It’s been snowing for the last 10 days. Or something like that. This is a picture of the building that I live in, covered with snow. Isn’t it gorgeous?

photo (10)5. But really, isn’t it beautiful? I complain a lot about the cold and the snow, but think it looks absolutely lovely.


See? No cute guys.



How Footie Pajamas Made Me Cool

I’m usually pretty uncool. And I’m completely fine with it. The other night, as I was knitting, watching Pride and Prejudice, and wearing my snuggie, I was pretty much the epitome of uncool, but I was having a lot of fun, so WHATEVER.

I do, however, have one completely random item that makes me cool:

My onesie. 
photo (9)

I know, right? Who would have guessed that a completely geeky pair of footie pajamas (with rubber duckies on them) would make me the coolest adult on campus?! [Okay, maybe that’s an exaggeration]! There is one student in my building who is absolutely awesome. I wish my High School self could have been her, she’s that cool. One night, as I was pretending to be a Miss America Contestant, tap dancing and wearing my onesie, she came up to me. And these are the words she said:

“Molly, I hope I’m as cool as you someday.”

I felt like I was in one of the Famous Footwear commercials, where the teenager likes the shoes and confetti is falling…It felt THAT good.


Gimmee a High Five for Friday

This week has been GREAT. Just getting back into the swing of things at work, you know? Here are some special things that happened:

picstitch (1)


1. I mentioned this last week, but I was in charge of running the Sound of Music Sing-a-long on campus. Tons of kids came, and were super…uh…vocal? We ended up having “Tea,” a drink with “jam and bread,” as well as “crisp apple strudel.” It was wild.

2. Speaking of wild, I also chaperoned a dance on Saturday night. The kids have so much fun, and I…chaperone. There is nothing weirder than being a chaperone at a dance. You can’t really dance, because then no one would take you seriously. You also can’t stand there staring at the kids without moving, because that’s just scary. So, I end up doing the cliche, chaperone-y head bob. It’s terrible.

3. I made my first meal in my crock-pot. I’ve never been so excited. It actually wasn’t that great, I added water to the condensed soup, which made it, you know, watery. But the next day, I made this INCREDIBLE Fiesta Soup, which made the weird chicken completely worth it.

4. This verse really inspired me this week. I’ve been praying a lot about my job, and this verse completely summed up what I was praying for.

5. Again, I only took 4 pictures. Lame-o.

High Five [Four] For Friday

This week, I was so busy, I forgot to take pictures! So I only have FOUR things to tell you about.


1. I found my footie pajamas in the back of my closet at [Mom and Dad’s/my] home. And they still fit! So I packed them up and took them back to my apartment in the residence hall. I’m planning on pulling them out tonight…my girls will think I’m crazy. But they already do.

2. While I was unpacking after Christmas break, I realized that I have a ridiculous amount of Christmas socks. And I wear them all year long, because I don’t really have all that many socks.

3. My family is doing a weight-loss competition. There are $80 on the line…it’s a big deal. I started off strong, with some delicious Greek yogurt and water. The next night I ate 3 donuts. Whoops. I also bought a pedometer, and am realizing that 10,000 steps is a HECK OF A LOT OF STEPS.

4. This is a representation of how awesome my job is. Tonight, I am in charge of putting on a Sound of Music Sing-a-Long for the kiddos. I know, isn’t that GREAT? I work at an art school, so they are all freaking out about it. We are having “Tea, a drink with jam and bread.” I am sure there will be lots of singing, and every time the Nazis come out, we will boo. That’s what the sign is for.


Abolish Middle School

Did you have a good Middle School experience? Hahahhahahahahahahahahahaha, what a silly question! OF COURSE NOT. I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who truly enjoyed middle school. I had a particularly bad time in middle school…braces, Bozo [the clown] haircut, still played with Barbies, and was wearing yellow sweatpant capris the first time I got my…never mind. It was terrible.

Memories of middle school still give me nightmares. I think that it should be abolished, and that students should only go to elementary school and high school. In between, they can discover who they truly are. I probably would have gone into hiding for those 3 years.

228492_1714371306848_6028652_nI blame my mom for making me get that haircut.


High Five For Friday

I have decided to join the “High Five for Friday” movement [started by the blogger at From My Grey Desk]. Every Friday (hopefully…) I will post pictures from my week. Most of the time, they’ll be really random. Sorry about that.




1. After 3 years with my precious Android phone, I got an iPhone! This is a picture of my brother-in-law, Matt, teaching me how to use it. I still don’t know how to use it very well, but I’m sure I’ll get the hang of it soon.

2. I started doing a Beth Moore study on the life of David. I’m really enjoying it! I’ve done a few other Beth Moore studies, and they always take me at least an hour a day to complete. This study usually only takes me 15-20 minutes a day, but is still full of Beth Moore’s wisdom…the best of both worlds!

3. This is my sister’s cat, Gus. He moved in with my parents for a few weeks, and he’s just so cute! Gus loves being in the bathroom while people take showers. As soon as you finish your shower, he jumps in and sticks his head under the faucet. He likes drinking the dripping water, apparently. I think it’s pretty weird, but he’s cute, so it’s okay.

4. FAMILY BINGO NIGHT. We played Bingo for a few hours on New Years Eve, and there were endless [strange] prizes. It was super fun.

5. My friend Sarah and her husband Ben came to visit and brought their baby, HENRY. He’s super cute. He also knows how to raise his hands and say, “Hallelujah!” which is hilarious. 

Verti-go away!

A few days ago, I was officially diagnosed with benign positional vertigo. In real words, it means that I get dizzy when I move my head a certain way. One morning, I got out of bed and walked into a wall. It isn’t pretty. I hope the picture below isn’t making you dizzy, too!


My doctor couldn’t find anything specifically wrong with me. It’s not an ear infection or anything, it’s simply VERTIGO. One explanation is that these weird ear-crystals (who knew that we had crystals in our ears?) break off and move around in your ear canals. The jiggling, moving crystals mess with your brain and your balance.**

He gave me some nasal spray because he felt like it. He also told me to do these strange vertigo exercises. I basically lay in bed and turn my head in different directions…they’re the best exercises I’ve ever done!

In conclusion, there is no conclusion. Hopefully I’m healed soon, because walking into walls isn’t fun.


**In case the words “weird ear-crystals” didn’t convince you, I’m not a doctor. I don’t really even know what I’m talking about, I made most of that up.

My Hairstylist [The Con Artist]: A Poem

She said, “You need this!”

She said, “It’s on sale!”

She said, “You’ll never see one for this price again.”

She said, “It’s ceramic! It’s so good for your hair!”

She said, “It will make you look like Kim Kardashian!”

And I was sold.

My hairstylist, the con artist,

Convinced this curly-haired girl

To buy a fairly expensive curling iron.

I tested it,

And I don’t look like Kim Kardashian.

Top Ten Reasons I Haven’t Blogged Since June

I know what you’re thinking. “Excuses, excuses.” And you would be RIGHT. I am going to offer you ten solid excuses as to why I haven’t blogged in 6 months. [I had to count that out on my fingers].

And guess what? I am ASHAMED of myself. Almost as ashamed as my sister’s dog, Mocha, is in this picture:


1. I was busy being rejected: I’m not going to count how many schools rejected me as a potential Resident Director. It would be far too depressing. But it was a fairly common experience. One school even rejected me TWICE for the same job–how rude!

2. I was busy getting a job: After a ridiculous amount of [humbling and God-ordained] rejections, I was finally offered a job!!! I am now a Residence Hall Counselor at a boarding school in Michigan. It’s basically everything that I love to do, all wrapped up into one perfect job. But getting that job took a lot of work, 2 days of interviewing, and a lot of prayer.

3. I was busy relaxing: I pretty much binged on relaxation this summer. But if your parents lived in a lake house, wouldn’t you do the same?


4. I was busy making new friends: I have made some great friends since moving! My co-workers are amazing, and we like to wear matching outfits on Wednesdays. How cool is that?!

5. I was busy working: Do you know how long it takes to make a giant paper owl for a bulletin board? A LONG TIME. I spend most of my time working in some aspect, and I love [love, love, love] it. My job involves taking care of 25 incredible, talented, and funny High School girls. It also involves craftiness, telling bad jokes, talking about boys, and talking about hygiene. The hygiene conversations are the worst.


6. I was busy watching incredible television: And I mean incredible. I started off the school year by watching Jane By Design. It was an ABC Family TV show, but it was cancelled [for good reason]. I was addicted to it. Then…oh gosh…I started watching The Vampire Diaries. [Picture Mocha’s shamed face, again]. It’s so TERRIBLE. It’s BAD. It’s HORRIFIC. It gives me NIGHTMARES. I love it. There’s this huge love triangle between this girl and two vampire brothers. I wouldn’t recommend it.

7. I was busy preparing to be an aunt: You heard me! I am going to be AUNT MOLLY in April, because my sister has a placenta! If you know me, you know how I feel about placentas…GROSS. But I do like babies! Being an aunt takes a lot of preparation, mentally, physically, and financially.

8. I was busy thinking about cats: My cat, Cali, died this summer. She was basically the love of my life, and we always knew what the other was thinking. When I was in college, I would talk to Cali on the phone. She loved sleeping on my head and having long conversations with me in the evenings. I miss her a lot, and if my job allowed it, I would most likely get another cat. I miss the companionship of a cat. I think about them all the time, and I love looking at cat pictures on Pinterest. Don’t judge.


9. I was busy at the dentist: Since I moved in August, I have been to the dentist FIVE times. I got a root canal and had to get a crown put on, but DOESN’T THAT SEEM EXCESSIVE? I have to go back soon, because it’s been discovered that I clench my teeth all the time. My dentist likes to tell me to floss more, and I’m always like, “Duh!”

10. These are all crappy excuses: I’m determined to do better this year. Just wait.

Being an Adult (A Poem)

Being an adult is tough. I know, because I am one.

That’s right. I am now the proud owner of a cheese grater. Which makes me, officially, an adult. Therefore, I am completely qualified to talk about life in the real world. And I have decided to write a short poem about it. (Shout out to Ely and Shelby, who gave Ali and I our cheese graters–thank you for making our wildest dreams come true!)

Being an Adult: A Poem

I graduated from college

Not too long ago.

I’ll miss Grove City,

But I won’t miss the snow.

Now I am an adult

Because I own a cheese grater

But I’m not even qualified

To be a waiter.

I need to tell you,

Life in the real world isn’t easy.

Actually, finding a job

Makes me kind of wheezy.

But besides all of that,

I might have to gloat…

I’ve been spending

All my time on a boat.